About us

More than 20 years of experience in terms of digital projects

We ran multi-channel businesses, managed their administration departments. We have established companies in Spain and abroad. We closed businesses and helped others. We have also participated in successful projects. Sometimes we made mistakes, but we learned to overcome them.

We have solved the infinity of problems and we are carry on this track, thanks to all the experience we displayed up to then.

Integration in the marketplaces0%
Virtual stores development0%
Apps development0%

During these years, Dinamon launched new digital stores on the market. In 2009, we created the company Naming Digital, which is dedicated to offering brand protection services, based mainly in the registry of many domains and a few years later. We launched the Brand Monitor service which is specialized in prices and the follow up of products on the Websites and Marketplaces.

The target is to make work easier thanks to technology.

Why do we do ?


Jordi Hinojosa


The Dinamon company is made up of people with experience in the management of technological projects. Our contact with all types of companies allows us to be permanently informed about new technologies and strategies on the Internet.

Our experience accumulated over the years in digital business models allows us to provide a channel that a technological innovation and business experience.

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About Dinamon

The target is to make work easier thanks to technology.
Do you have any idea? We will help you to come true!