Coworking Area

In all projects, we can find both good ideas and unexpected mistakes.

We review both to learn from our mistakes and improve in the second phase of the project.

What are our goals ?

  • A workspace that allows us to accelerate the realization of projects related to the activity on the internet.
  • We work together to share this contagious passion for new projects
  • Promote collaborative cultures, including between companies

Coworking Area Services

  • Business Consulting: We have experience in delivering projects and we are constantly learning from our mistakes and successes. We are confident that with our support you will increase your chances of success and minimize the impact of some of the mistakes we all make.
  • Personalized follow-up: our job consists in “building” a large network of people who are dedicated to internet business to be notified whenever an opportunity arises.


What are we looking for ?

  • Companies and professionals who create or help businesses via the internet or specialized branding platforms …
  • Communicative people, open and willing to share ideas
  • People who want to offer products and services of excellent quality
  • Moreover, at Dinamon, we believe in professionals and companies that have some social involvement to improve the lives of people through their business.


What is Coworking ?

Coworking is about working together in an open environment where you can build strong relationships, based on trust and sharing knowledge, experiences and services…

A workspace to accelerate digital business

¿Who is Who ?

List of Companies which belongs to Dinamon Coworking


  • Nibble: Software Development Company
  • Wyz Iberia: Company specialized in selling and managing tires on the internet
  • Trenddy Guru: Fashion Social Platform
  • Idrons Barcelona: Services and solutions with the use of drones
  • Hydromodel Host : Groundwater Management
  • Gasport: Application to search for gas stations

Do you have any idea? We will help you to come true!